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Default Carry an extra whatchamacallit !!

I went for a ride today and a mile from the house the clutch would not disengage. The lock screw worked loose and fell out and the cable quit functioning. So at the first stop sign with traffic I was screwed.

Then I thought no sweat Ted you can pedal home, that was one of the neat reasons you bought this thing !! Then I really thought Duhhh as I was pushing to the curbside why is this thing pushing so hard.

I picked up the rear tire and started it contemplating running and jumping on but I just couldn't picture doing this without hurting myself,then I tried letting the rear tire down in the wet grass as I reved the engine nope this is not working! Huffing and puffing in a slight rain pushing while I held the rear wheel up I started walking home.

A quarter of the way home I got another bright Idea , I can hand clutch it with the clutch lever down on the motor---- I would need to start it and while holding the rear tire in the air reach down and engage the clutch lever at the motor then I could put the tire down and mount the bike while still holding the clutch lever in then somehow I needed to take one quick pedal with my right leg while I slowly let the clutch lever out.

I managed to do it on my first try! If It was downhill It might have attempted the run and jump or low gear pedal but I was fighting a half mile slight incline.

So I got to ride for the last half mile. Has anyone else had this happen to them and what did ya do? Oh I did have a cell with me but the wife was not home, and some people did ask if I needed help.


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