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Default Re: Yep... Another Felt Build!

Last night I put the bike up on the stand and installed the headlight. I will eventually run the headlight wire through the left fork leg (it's hollow and will hopefully take the power wire from the dynamo out of sight).

While it was in the stand, I spun the wheel in both directions, and the light came on equally bright in both directions. The headlight has some kind of "surge" or "overpower" protection, so hopefully this is not hurting the dynamo.

I took it out for a couple of 20 minute slow putts, just around the neighborhood. I really like how stable and comfortable it is, hopefully it remains so when I can bring it up to speed.

I think I am only like 30% through the first gallon of gas, so I am still trying to keep the piston speed as low as possible.

It has gotten so much smoother and quieter. I turned in the screw on the carburetor until the idle seemed low but did not stall... then I adjusted the throttle so there is just a touch of slack

I have started fitting the rear fender (actually it is a re-purposed front fender)

I had to cut clearance for the engine chain, but a couple of minutes with an angle grinder took care of that. The pictures showing the fender are before I added the brace... It might be a little too much chrome, I may eventually put a black one on.
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