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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Soldered my front disc-brake cable in place because it was slipping, adjusted my rear brakes, and rode out on some old country roads to find, to my happiness, that I can get 30mph going up a slight grade. =) And with my completely new clutch, I can idle LOW. Really low. It just purrrrs. Hoping some of my aberrant engine noise quiets down so it's always that quiet.

I'm new to 2-stroke motors, and when I was running my first batch of break-in mix my motor never got too hot to touch. Well, I put in some 36:1 and wow! More power, but it gets hot fast! I thought this was unusual so I added a little more oil in to bring it down to about 25:1. I googled it later and I guess it was running at more-or-less appropriate temps, so I'll dilute it after I burn some of it off... just another excuse to go riding around =)

I'm finally getting assisted by my motorized bicycle instead of the other way around =) All I have to do now is get a proper fuel/oil mix and then check air/fuel mix, I know I'm rich on the top end...

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