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Default Re: 90cc 2 strke cyclinder and piston kit?

Originally Posted by Ibedayank View Post
50cc upright motorcycle land speed record is 69mph for unfaired
faired speedster record in unlimited class is well over 130mph

I think that should explain the areodynamics very well
these records were made at the bonnivlle salt flats
umm, ok, but thats 50cc. there are engines much larger than 50cc that can fit in a bicycle. scotto has a 212cc engine on his bike. probably the best solution would be an engine that can take a cvt, and use the right size pulleys. the force behind an object can compensate for aerodynamics to a degree. if it couldnt, everything would move at the same speed. regardless of the force behind it i am sure that there are engines that can fit in bicycles capable of 12k or 14k rpm. my engine does about 7k, and i have a 44t rear. if i doubled my rpm, i could probably almost double my speed with the same gear ratio. there are ways to make upright bicycles and riders more aerodynamic as well. so with the right size engine, rpm, gearing, and aerodynamics, a motorized bicycle could EASILY do 80. if you think differently, than youre just overcomplicating things and placing more emphasis on aerodynamics than force.
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