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Default Re: 90cc 2 strke cyclinder and piston kit?

Originally Posted by Ibedayank View Post

no what you do not understand you can gear either for power or for speed you can not get both. If you can get 80mph from less than a 1/2 horsepower motor ""human power"" then in the right Bicycle aka STREAMLINER then its more then possible BUT it will not be able to climb any any sort of incline. Riding an upright bike aka a cranbrook is like pushing a barndoor through the wind compared to a lowracer recumbent. Maybe some time in a windtunnel will help you understand this concept.
not sure what this has to do with an ht engine doing eighty.......? but anyway, torque is needed for acceleration, regardless if its human power or engine power. the taller the gearing, the more torque is needed for acceleration. this is why it takes these riders 5 miles to achieve the speed of 80mph when pedaling.
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