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Default Re: A LOT of work went into this one

not a bicycle though - no pedals. and I like the comment where the guy said, "a couple steps up from a motorized bike for about the same cost". that is a very broad, uneducated statement. While there are some motorized bicycles that cost $600 and more, your basic setup doesnt cost anywhere near that, at least not at the start. i got my first kit for $150 and my first bike for 120. my second kit cost $200, and my second bike only $75. Now, if you consider the cost of replacement parts and things like that, I have well over $600 into my bike now, but my bike is 2 years old. Any motorbike you keep for 2 years is going to have some cost associated with it, even if you keep it completely stock and only perform necessary maintenance and repair. if my bike had cost me $600 to start with, i probably never would have built it. i didnt have that kind of money at the time, and i still dont. that guy got lucky picking that frame up for such a cheap price.
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