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Default Re: Yep... Another Felt Build!

Originally Posted by Velodrome View Post
WOW! NICE BUILD! Love the color and graphics choices! What fork is that? Looks tough!

I think the Fork came off of a late 90's ProFlex 856, but I could be wrong. I got it off ebay for a great price. I like that this one has a coil spring, and is not the more common elastomer bushing model (the elastomers "melt"...)

I think this fork was made under several names... Girvin, Noleen, ProFlex. I think K2 was even putting these on some of their bikes for awhile

This fork is really light, BTW

If you are going to run a ProFlex on these frames, make sure you get the stack height right! (no spacers for this fork below the top bracket on this size fork) If you put too many spacers under it, it moves the fork up too high and the tire will rub.

VeloDrome- I am really enjoying reading up on your four stroke Felt "Twin" build. I think I may need to do something similar with my 90mm S/A front brake/dynamo. right now I am running the original bracket attached to the "Aidel" clamp, but on the right side of the bike.

If I can get the dynamo to work spinning the wrong way, I am going to try and keep it this way (I like the angle of the brake arm better this way, with the odd front fork), but I have the feeling that I'm going to have to turn it around, so the wheel/dynamo is spinning the way Sturmey envisioned it turning.
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