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Default Re: any motorized bike clubs in denver?

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Feel free. PM me and we can get together. I'm no expert/guru, but I'll bet we can get you on the road.


Don't let him kid ya kid...he ain't no Guru cause he's a Swami LOL

The meaning of these two words is different from each other. Guru means teacher. In any field. It would not be wrong if you said guru to your math teacher. But it can be wrong to say ‘swami’ to your math teacher.
I was then asked what the real meaning of ‘swami’ is. I said swami basically means owner. Anybody can be a swami, if he owns himself. That is what I always say. You should not be a follower, you should become Swami, you own yourself. Why does somebody else own you? If you become a follower, it means somebody owns you because that person can decide for you what you will do next. It is not you anymore. I would like to see that you are brave enough to take your own responsibility.

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