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Originally Posted by mandomadness View Post
im in desperate need of a mechanic. so i changed out my old chain tensioner for a new spring loaded tensioner that turned out to be crap. now i cant re install my old chain tensioner with the proper amount of tension. i em seeking a motorized bike mechanic to properly re install it for me asap, i will pay $. im in the Denver area, pleas help
If you are having that many chain issues it is NOT the tensioner.
Tensioners will NOT correct a poor sprocket mount or any other issue.

In my years I have seen dozens of other peoples builds and 80% of any chain issues are because of that rear sprocket as that is the hardest thing to get right.
10% is because of a bend rim or shot hub bearings (very common on Huffy type cheap bikes), 5% because of a bad chain, and the last 5% is motor sprocket related issues or a poor motor mount.

In short don't try to work around a problem with a band aid, find and and fix the root cause.

Quick checks:
From the side of your bike hold the frame with one hand and push your back wheel side to side, does it move? Then it's your hub.

Then in the same position hold the frame and grab your motor and try to push it side to side, I don't mean nudge it either, I mean shove it hard, does it move? Then it's your motor mount.

All good? then look at the alignment from the sprocket to the motor, do they line up? if not the sprocket is too far in or out.
Is that good too? Then spin the wheel and look at the side of the sprocket, does it have side to side or up and down wobble (chain gets tight then loose)? The sprocket isn't mounted right.

I have big lungs so I can scream this a lot before I get blue in the face...

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