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Default Re: WOW ! I thought I was on my own...

For what it's worth if you're on a long descent, and have some type of direct drive, you can flip the choke on the carburetor and use the engine for some braking. By letting off the throttle, you mitigate some of the fuel wastage, and it's just as needed to cool your wheels/brakes.

Originally Posted by dougy View Post
Nice one and thanks for checking it out mate, I missed it myself after reading the book so dont really know if its a new reg or what but he showed me it in the msva manuel, it basicly splits mopeds up into two catagorys which are low or full powerd, he noticed it himself after testing its efficiancy on the rolling road, it states bicycle type brakes are ok for low powerd peds but not for full powerd, there are only a few other types of brakes out there including disc an drum, I can find a banded brake but its no cheaper than the Sturmy Archer drum brakes I've been looking at.
He started going on about rubber block brakes not being able to disapate heat desending a long hill and went on about the likelyhood of them braking up, you cant really argue with that....I did a bit but what can you do, he's probley right on paper even though I've never seen any burnt out blocks. Like I said at the start thanks for checking it out
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