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Default My first custum build

Hello all I'm pretty new at this internet stuff ,but I had to get in on this forum.I just finished a beautiful build,Yahh, Ispent to much,recieved bunk parts ,wrong engines,etc.Got to ride the bike around the block twice ,engine lock ups etc.I think alot of us can relate to these delimas?????I finally got the engine Iwanted and am extremely happy with my build.I was raise on dirt bikes and street bikes,I'm a perfecctionist when it comes to building engines or just simply fixing old rusted out small engines that haven't ran for years.My motto is if I got spark and fuel Ican make it run......Th every first bike engine I owned was called a BIKE BUG,probably from the fifties,It was the coolest thing ever,it was one hosepower and front wheel friction drive.The canteen style gas tank was set below the carb. so it worked off a vacuum fuel pump that ran from the crank case.It was very well built and hauld ass.Anyway ever since I owned my first I was hooked.I now purchased an X80bkpull w/centrifcal cluthes and pull start.Its really onley 68.5cc but,in my opinion its the best 80cc engine available.I paid 470.00 for the kit, and 179.00 for an all aluminum 29in ONYX,"walmart",if you check it out you can see why I chose this bike.The welds and the frame are absolutely heavey duty and the motor fits perfect.The 29in wheels give me a taller top end speed(38-43mph)seriously.......Its ****ing cool.It looks like a 1903 harley,but better,I park it in my living room like its my harley.If there is somebody reading this and you can tell me how to post a pic from my camera I'de love to show it to you all.
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