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Default Re: 90cc 2 strke cyclinder and piston kit?

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
When I want to go 80 MPH I do it on this.

IMHO doing over the top stuff on the Motorized Bike will only give law enforcement fire power to use against the hobby in areas of the country where they are barely tolerated as it is.


6 o'clock new flash......... Man killed on home built motorized bike while traveling at speeds believed to be at 70-80 MPH, to be clear about what a motorized bike is, it is a typical bicycle that has had a gas engine installed on it, the officials we spoke to told us they are dangerous and probably should not be allowed on the public streets.

I wonder how many normal 25-30 MPH motorized bicycle would be allowed to run around town as they had been after an ordeal like this happened, I'll bet it would be screwed up for everyone who had one and they wouldn't be tolerated in that town anymore.

50-60 on a Bicycle is crazy fast, 80 on a bicycle is stupid fast....IMO

just my $0.02 nothing more, nothing less, that all.

Peace, Map
Chill I dont plan running this in the city. I have a nice stretch of ol highwayjust east of El Paso. My Pa is law enforcement out there. If I accomplish this. I assure you it will be under the safest of conditions.
80 miles per hour or bust.
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