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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

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Nice Kitchen. That's my kinda Kitchen
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It was one heck of a lucky guess man.
OK so a few days riding with my new spark plug set up and the WOT section of the carb a bit way too rich to test my plug. It would almost flood completely out engine off at times lol, but would wake back up in good order when playing with it at flat out. The plug came out with flying colors seams as I can't fowl it now!!

So now I have managed to lower my needle to the second notch tonight . My goal is to finesse this needle to the first notch. Why?? I will have the carb slide open just a smidgeon more for MORE AIR to get in .. Want all I can out of this 21mm carby during all phases of lower cruising throttle! So far so good.

Got bored lol wanted to chase that little two or more percent of power. Have not changed the main jet just the needle got sanded in the one spot and the fuel adjustment screw opened up a lot. basically WOT is stable on the mark now perfect and lower throttle is just a tad foggier off the line with a new experimental higher flow air filter to boot.

So speculating sanding it one more time , dropping to the top notch and putting a bigger idle jet in

Sometime next week.
Still gotta have a since of humor.
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