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Default Re: 90cc 2 strke cyclinder and piston kit?

Originally Posted by Ibedayank View Post
time to educate you on a few things....

human flat land pedal only speed records are....
Current WHPSC Records:
In 2009, Sam Whittingham broke his own record again for a human powered speed of 82.819 MPH!
In 2010, Barbara Buatois broke her own record, with a women's human powered speed of 75.69 MPH.
In 2011, Greg Westlake broke his own record with an arm powered world speed record of 45.68 MPH.
this is done using less then 1/2 a horse power on a BICYCLE
That's all cool and everything, but we are not talking about pedal-only speeds. We are talking about motorized speeds. Yes, there are bicyclists who can go extremely fast. They are obviously very well trained and conditioned riders, and at least some of them are probably professional. There is a big difference between a trained rider and the average joe.
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