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Default Re: 90cc 2 strke cyclinder and piston kit?

Originally Posted by bigbutterbean View Post
Here is my basic opinion. Yeah, you can make a bicycle go 100 mph by drafting a car or going down a steep enough hill. But just because you slap an engine on that bike and you happen to be giving it gas while drafting a car or going down a steep hil, does that mean you get credit for having the fastest motorized bicycle? NO. Anything you do to assist in achieving a certain speed that does not involve the bike or the motor itself simply does not count. There have already been plenty of people who have used these tricks to achieve these speeds. And as far as the engine goes, an ht engine is probably never going to go 80mph under any kind of load and survive it. The gearing required to make an ht engine go 80 mph under gas power alone would require extreme rpms that the engine is simply not capable of.
time to educate you on a few things....

human flat land pedal only speed records are....
Current WHPSC Records:
In 2009, Sam Whittingham broke his own record again for a human powered speed of 82.819 MPH!
In 2010, Barbara Buatois broke her own record, with a women's human powered speed of 75.69 MPH.
In 2011, Greg Westlake broke his own record with an arm powered world speed record of 45.68 MPH.
this is done using less then 1/2 a horse power on a BICYCLE
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