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Default Re: Ask a specific question

I'm rereading your posts and it looks like peeing on it won't hurt. Might be whats needed. Take off the air cleaner so you can see how the choke works. Try flooding it with the choke on them take the choke off hold the throttle wide open pedal the **** out of it you should hear the engines piston going up and down if not you got other problems. With the throttle wide open and pedaling it it should fire. Like one of the guys said dribble some fuel in it. Change to a different plug, and gap the thing close go as little as 0.010 if you have to take off the wires to the kill switch until you get it worked out. What your saying don't make since if its got fuel air and spark its got to fire. If it don't send me the thing I'll work some of my VOODOO on it. as a last resort the SOB engine
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