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Default Re: My new clutch actuator



I shipped that batch Thursday! And you got yours already. Florida to Washington in 2 days. Maybe USPS figured it would cost less to fly it as opposed to truck.

Anyway, glad to hear it arrived. You're gonna love it!

If you will let me know how thick the plate is, I will supply the correct bolts with my kit for those who have shifter kits.

I would guess it would be a good idea to delete the counterbores for the cap screws as well.

Best Regards,

P.S. This customer must have an earlier version of the shifter kit.

"Jim, Yes I received it. It is a quality product. I am able to takeoff from a dead stop if wanted. I usually start from a roll though. The cam does the trick. I have a shifter kit and had to bend the left bearing plate in toward the engine a little and put some washers between the bearing and the sprocket. Your part is just a little thicker than the original cover. It was just a matter of spacing, no big deal. Thanks for the excellent service,
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