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Default Re: My new clutch actuator

Got my clutch kit yesterday. Looks well made. It does fit with the Shifter Kit, but there are a couple changes that may be needed, or rather there are some areas to watch out for. For example the elongated clutch arm may hit the upper rear motor mount bracket, the case stands a bit proud from where the old case did which necessitates new bolts with the new thicker left plate (*ugg, I tore threads finding this out - WATCH OUT!!) and an adjustment of the 17T sprocket....not huge issues but noteworthy, and certainly workable.

Seems like my stock pin will work fine - but the supplied pins are so nice I may grind the longer one just a hair to match the crappy stock pin length. And I found my old clutch spring!

I haven't rode the bike yet because I need to build the old mule up with new revision plates and generally bring the install up to the latest shifter kit version we are currently selling. This mule bike is a real testament to something besides my skinned knuckles!

*If you are reading this and have a shifter kit and want to install the clutch kit, evaluate your screw length situation. The AL alloy HT engine case threads will pull right out if you only end up with 2-3 threads engaging. The clutch kit screws (for sure the 2 shorter ones) and the shifter kit screws would be fine if the engine case was steel or something but these screws no longer make enough thread engagement for holding in a soft alloy. I will be hitting the True Value for the correct length....

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