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Default Re: Ask a specific question

Easy way to clear a flooded engine is to remove plug turn off fuel hold the throttle wide open while pedaling or remove the carb if you want to and pedal the bike with the clutch out so engine cranks over while pedaling you should not need to go far 50 to 75 ft. should clear it out. Put the carb back on if you took it off I got a little ahead of myself. with the carb still off turn on the fuel make sure its not running out of the float chamber due to a stuck float. Turn off the fuel, drain all fuel out of the carb either by taking off the float chamber or turning it upside down until fuel stops running out. If you take the float chamber off you can see if the main jet is plugged check my post on the carb to find this info.Use air or carb cleaner only to blow out a clogged main jet never use a wire it will screw up the hole.
Ok you got to make sure you have a good spark test it before puting the plug in the head. Get the carb back on. leave the fuel off pedal bike with the plug in let out clutch it should not fire but if there is any fuel in it it might fire hold throttle open about half. Now that your good and tired spray about a 1 sec shot of carb cleaner or starting fluid in the carb you will have to have the aircleaner off for this. lacking the carb cleaner or starting fluid remove the spark plug and pour in the cylinder about 1/2 teaspoon of premix fuel put the plug in and it will fire up if its going to run at all leave the choke off for all this. This is a lot of trouble but not hard to do you should really not need to take the engine apart to clear a flooded engine I told you this to eliminate a problem due to the carb that might be causing your problem. If you know for sure you got a good blue strong spark and a little fuel it will go. Let me know we will either get it to run or put it in to low earth orbit sound good to you?
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