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Default Re: WOW ! I thought I was on my own...


The latest goings on in my mini saga upto today are.....

The good news, The bike goes great now its on a diet of 30-1 and starts really easy.
The bad news, I had it tested at VOSA for the miserly sum of just 85 (our minestry of transport) and it failed, it only failed on one thing which was the back brakes, (which worked really well I might add and stopped the bike well within the safety standards we have), unfortunatly and unbeknown to me you can only use bicycle brakes on low powerd mopeds (upto 15MPH) and full powerd mopeds (30 MPH- HOLD ON TO YA HATS !) have to be fitted with drum or disc brakes, this has left me with a proper headache as with a sprocket on iether side of the rear spindle fitting a iether type of brake was going to be a real head scratcher, SO, I've just been on the Sick bikes parts page which is advertised on here and bought a shift kit and a bottom bracket conversion kit for 170, these items look really good and will enable me to run on the one chain allowing me to fit a Sturmy Archer combined drum brake an geared hub, and if I'm feeling really fruity I may go the extra mile and buy the one with a built in generator to charge up me battery :-)
If anyone knows the guy from sick bike parts ask him to get a move on, I've had them orded ten minutes now and theres still no sign, its only a few thousand miles to here you know ! :-)

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