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Default Re: China Engine Kick Start

Originally Posted by Ibedayank View Post
solution is to pedal it up to 5mph or so before letting out ANY of the clutch. These motors are not ment to start you off from a dead stop
i totally disagree with that statement.
I've been starting my bikes without peddling for 4 years now.
just roll a little, pop the clutch & go.
I also take off from a dead stop by only using the clutch...I never peddle.
I'm still on the original clutch pads on both of my engines too.
20" wheels, 41 tooth sprockets gives me more than avearge low end torque, but taking off from a dead stop by using only the clutch and never peddling is how i ride my bikes, and so far, not one problem after 4 years.

My lowrider is set up like a drag bike, and i don't even put my feet on the peddles. I have rear axle pegs as foot rests.
the only time i will put my feet on the peddles on that bike is if the caliper brake needs assistance stopping me, and i use the coaster brake at the same time as the caliper brake.
on my occ chopper, i have the cranks and peddles aligned together so they are more like foot rests. You couldn't peddle it if you tried because i have both cranks set directly across from each other.

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