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Default Re: China Engine Kick Start

Wait. Is there a source for better quality pads? I bought mine on gasbike but actually they didnt look any thicker in condition than the old ones. My problem isnt that they would slip when I start, actually they dont, but I have to push the freaking bike sometimes all they way down the street to finally get it running. It got worse and worse and I dont know whats the problem. It used to turn on good even with the new smaller sprocket but I would have a faster rotation with a pullstart. The engine didnt had anymore power in higher rpm so I changed the head gasket (which didnt exist when I opened everything) and cleaned the engine an sanded everything. Now the compression is so extreme that I feel like my chain will explode when I try to start it like that, rolling. Thats what crushed the bearings of my clutch 2 days later, and thats why I decided to get the entire bottom engine block with new clutch etc instead of just the bearing because the crank would be next then... But I need to find a solution to start it up. How exactly does the pullstart kit work exactly?
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