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Default Re: China Engine Kick Start

Yes I actually do that every week a little with the old one and now the new one. They start to squeak when Im in traffic and have to use it a lot and it really doesnt grip very wekk, especially because of the sprocket. I never use my paddles except for the rear brake so I always take off with the clutch. I have to use the clutch for about 3-4 seconds each time until I get to the minimum speed to release it. I was hoping ith new clutch pads this would be better but not really.. Those clutches really suck. But who knows. I ordered a new complete bottom part, so maybe when everything new the clutch is better.

So anyways. I emailed that person last night again about the kick start and she said, yes they have kickstart and when I asked for the pics, I cant see ANYTHING.. Maybe they think kickstart means to get it on with the clutch.. Right now I wait for the response. Its really time for me to put some money beside for the KTM 9HP engine. Im sure they have a better clutch and they also come with kickstart.
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