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Default Re: Find a Dealer & Review

ThatsDax - I had heard you guys rave about this guy for so long that when I saw the deal about the $49 grab bag motors, I bit, result found Grady to be a man of few words but action-had the motor in a week, delivered on a Sat. by FedEx, arrived in excellent shape no damage. I plan to use this motor as an educational tool for my self and a buddy, tear it down all the way and have a look at the innards of a China Girl. It doesn't matter if the engine ever runs or not as with every thing removed from inside it makes a light "dummy" engine for new builds and gives me a nice parts inventory.

I will now follow the shape of my head and get to the point, I don't know the history of this little engine, but it has had a hard life. The clutch pucks are burnt up, the top of the piston is black, built up with carbon as is the combustion chamber, numerous rounded nuts, screws too short, scars, scratches & scrapes all in all kind of a mess but fixable.

Now it my understanding that these are returned engines, warranty or for what ever-----DAX TOOK THIS ENGINE BACK, I think that says volumes about this company. I wouldn't recommend buying a grab bag engine for a rookies first build because all you get is the engine & intake manifold Nothing else not even a spark plug. But my little engine now has a happy home, I think when I put it back together I'll stamp the serial number X-1 on it.

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