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Default Re: Bottom crank jack shaft.

Originally Posted by Ibedayank View Post
2-1 reduction on one motor and 1-1 on another the 2-1 motor will have to spin 2X as fast to get the same speed from it
What part of this do YOU not understand?
Originally Posted by young grease monkey View Post
And the 2-1 motor will have 2x the torque as well. Same HP. This conversation has become pointless.
ibedayank is 100% right on the 1: and 2:1

young grease monkey the only way to get more torque is to change gearing

"my buddy has the exact same set up sa me no nothing done to ether but he has a sbp shifter kit he can pull my 90lbs lawnmower down the road with flat tires no problem but he can only go 10km/h wear with my bike there is no way i could even think of pulling this load but i have my gearing for 50km/h

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