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Default Re: gear puller clutch removal tool

Well I was just reading that thread and doing a step at a time to take down this engine. Been working on this. Milled my intake and exhaust, a little port and polish better than factory at least. Milled my head, jug and covers. Then I read some more of the tear down thread I am reading and I get to the part where you can tap out the whole shaft, we tried to tap it out earlier but I didnt hit it hard because I thought there may have been something inside to stop it but we wanted to try it. This time I hit it hard enough to get it out.

Glad I decided to tear this thing down.

I had a hard spot turning it by hand before, thought it was just the gears hadnt gotten worked in since it is new. There was a tight spot. Turns out one side of one of the bearing is caved in when it was installed.
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