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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

It was one heck of a lucky guess man. For a few I thought wow wounder if I just totally trashed it and messed up? Egdeimucated guessing? At its finest. Just gotta try it? Lucky Never know other wise?

Did have a spare W7 needle on stand by but it's for another motor and a another 21mm carby. So all this guess work is gonna get repeated! Slowly but surely er surly. Ha ha

Now if my fuel mixture screw is off by much 1/4 turn. It will act a tiny bit like the main jet is off? Mebbe to a fellow that would not know how this carby acts? Talking mid range feel now instead of the first 1/3 of throttle. Touchy bugger.

Ran repeated laps around the city block here tuning that screw and its dead on. Pretty tickled with it ATM! Dang now I got to go fire it up again! ''Mandatory!'' This is half the fun. Can't wait for winter to see the differential? It is gonna hit sweet hard!!

Last winter it ran awesome. At times this thing ran and thought like it was a 80cc engine?

Will have to split the difference on that screw for the hot of day and the cool of morning. Only the two hottest months of summer teases me like this. Was the same thing last summer when I first got anywhere near tuning this carby right and finally figured out WUT I was doing???? Have come a long ways with this machine. Loving it now more and more.

I am putting a big honking carby on a 49cc motor after all at a pretty high altitude over here. Darn carb barrel is darn near the size of the piston! Surprisingly if I just go about 20 mph everywhere and never open it up it gets close to 150 mpg? If I beet it more like 70 mpg. Barometric atmospheric conditions etc change tiny little character notes now and then here in the summer desert. Love it when it rains... This bike is my favorite toy right now.
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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