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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Nice Kitchen. That's my kinda Kitchen

This friggin hot weather has teased me just a little with my 21mm PHBG del carb on my BoXer. In the heat of the afternoon it is too rich. In the Morning its just a smidgin too lean. This has been so ever so slight some one else might not notice?

Researched spark plugs and found one that will self clean perfect to go richer for optimum power! 6 heat range with an extended electrode. Nice 19mm reach NGK and still works with my D.H. attachment. Most importantly does not hit the piston lol.

While playing with the air mixture screw began too notice the tiniest spot on my throttle body needle that I wanted to make ''I mean JUST barely richer''.

Gave it two days of thinking and chucked up the throttle body needle in a cordless drill. Right at the tip of the needle 1/4 of an inch inward took off guessing? about 1 thousand of an inch with sand paper. Used 80 grit then chased the scratches back of with 1200 grit. Material came off alarmingly fast. Glade I* quit when I did.

So far I like it!

Off the line the launch is like mebbe a whole 2% stronger lol when I want it to be and it still cruise's modestly at as low as 5 mph. Its the little things in life... just love to tinker and chase perfection
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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