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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Today I was able to spend 3 hours working on my Stiletto bobber. First, I notched the swing arms on my springer front end so now the axle will drop out making it easier to repair flats or change wheels/tires. When I originally fabricated the springer I simply drilled a 3/8" hole for the axle which required me to remove both swing arms to drop the wheel. While I had the wheel off I upgraded the "brand X" brakes with 203mm Avid Clean Sweep discs and BB7 calipers ( I have the same brakes on my other motorized bicycle and they will lock 'em up). My original aluminum "Harley Style" caliper mount would flex under heavy braking so I fabricated a new mount from 3/16" flat steel. Finally, I mounted a new Whizzer speedometer sending unit to the wheel to drive the Whizzer speedometer I mounted on the bike several months ago. Tomorrow I will paint the new caliper mount, drill a hole in the springer top mount for the speedo cable, and fabricate a mounting bracket for the LED headlight I made from a black & decker flashlight and chrome headlight bucket.
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