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Default Re: Bottom crank jack shaft.

Originally Posted by young grease monkey View Post
Ooooohhh i thought that you guys were going to do it with no pedals, so I thought he was push starting or something. I can't see the pics very well on my phone.... I know exactly how an sbp kit works. And torque means nothing without rpm, 2200 rpm means a lot of horses with the torque from a big rig. You could put an engine with less torque but more rpm and the same HP and as long as it has optimal gearing it will perform similarly. If you have an engine with 1000 ft/lbs of torque but only 1 rpm, you can pull a lot but not fast at all. The same result could be achieved with an engine that has 1 ft/lb torque and 1000 rpm as long as it has proper gearing for the application.
ok so then we can take the motor thats in your bike and put it in a kenworth and it will power the kenworth just the same as the motor the factory installed
80,000s pound and move it at 70 miles per hour. Now this I gotta see. Just like a STOCK 32 ford coupe going down the freeway at 70mph and doing it daily without blowing up or overheating.
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