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Default Re: found a flying o bike

after digging around using GOOGLE there seems to be 2 makes of the flying O bicycles

Murray built bike sold through Otasco... thus the Flying "O"
used this headtube badge

ones made by Ohio Mfg. company Lawerenceburg TN USA
use this headbadge

were sold in the Otasco stores
Otasco (Oklahoma Tire and Supply Company) was a retail chain specializing in auto parts and appliances based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

It was first established in 1918 by three Jewish Lithuanian immigrant brothers, Sam (18981939), Maurice (18911970), and Herman (18891971) Sanditen, who opened the first Otasco store in Okmulgee. The company moved its headquarters to Tulsa in 1925.[1] The company based its business on offering its products on credit.[2] In 1960, the McCrory Corporation bought the company, while retaining the Sanditen brothers. In 1968, the chain had 455 units in 12 states. In 1984, the firm's employees bought the company from McCrory, creating one of the largest employee-owned companies in America.[1] In 1988, the retail chain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy which resulted in the closing of 170 stores across 11 states and the loss of 1,600 jobs.[3]

Currently, an Otasco store is documented as a member of the Beaver, Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce.[4] Borger, Texas still has a store operating under the Otasco name in 2012.[5]
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