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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I actually have something bike-related to post, yay?

2nd jug gasket to blow in as many weeks, two different bikes, must be a summer thing Or more likely, me slacking and not doing it right the first time...

First one was a straight up huffy cruiser, lots of room to pull the jug. No problem. 2nd one was my 29er with the shift-kit... Doh!

A typical low budget motorized bicycle riders kitchen, yes I eat in front of my computer :

My baby looks so naked:

Picked up one of these plastic drawer things, does the trick and helps to keep organized:

I'm glad my tow bike is handy in case I get the itch to go for a spin. But it doesn't compare to the 29er, ie. "Why am I going so slow?" D=

Gotta get'r tip-top because Whelan and I have quite the cruise planned for this week, so I gotta keep up with his EZM. (I know, I know... I'm bringing a spare top-end and cdi/mag, chains, tubes, etc) I think it'll be almost 800km to meet him halfway and cruise back here. Should be crazy fun!

Oh yea, that bucket on the table has a couple cups of 10w-30 soaking the little chains and spacers, should permeate good, eh?

Have a good one everyone! Ride Safe!
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