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Default First build on China

Hey GuysnGals

My first 26" std 21sp mountain bike conversion to 66cc china.
1st time start and ran like a dream!
Sounded nice pulled nicer.
So 4days in I lose my muffler cover/baffle? gets louder and faster so I take it on long trip ~20km...
it was broken in with 16:1 for four tank fulls and was now on a 20:1 with 91octane.

So on my journey Im at 75%-WOT for the duration...i come to a red light and pull in clutch and engine slows... and dies...
So after many tries still not starting...
time for research.... adjusting....research adjusting... still nothing...
checked fuel..okay
check air...okay
check spark...nothing..

so researched... and found out CDI/mag/spark plug could be the culprits..
replace china plug with NGKs
time for resistance check! change :S
Mag check... 355OHMS :S WTH??
replaced CDI...still no spark..
replaced MAG... VOI -FINALLY- ****ING -LA

So that was my story

So Now some questions?
Why was I getting no reading from CDI and it was good?
and Why was a reading of 355 on MAG and still magneto is bad...

Would the long time at WOT have anything to do with it burning out??

and finally
My mufflers baffle/end cover fell off... reallly loud and a lot more powerfull...

and theres back fire.... oooooooh yeaaaa

it this bad for the engine at all? Okay to ride it like that?
Not down to spend anymore on a new muffler just yet....
ANY remedies?

Thanks a lot PPL ....and for the patience of reading my long asss story
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