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Default Re: Pull Start for 80cc chinese engine

Hey Guys,
Thanks for all the ideas! I got to looking at it last night after I removed the cover and came up with an idea. I took a flat blade screwdriver, large, about a 1/2" tip and put it between the rotor and the mag coil on the side away from the coil. It worked perfectly , loosened the crank nut right up with steady pressure. The kit is really made as a replacement for the engines that come with auto. clutch and pull start.
You have to do a little fitting to make it work as the crank is a little shorter than the one with factory pull start.I took a little metal off the outside of the pull start drum and radiused the top of of the 4 screws that hold the mag to the case as well as putting a thin, 0.020 thick washer under the pull start drum. It then clearde the mag with enough clearance to move freely. Put it back together and it works great. I think as long as you don't muscle it too much it will be fine,
it other words don't get crazy with it when your engine doesn't start on the first pull.
If any body want's to make the mod. I think you will be pleased.
I got the pull start kit from BOYGOFAST on ebay, No problem with him. I think there is a couple more sellers.
Here is a pic of the parts.
Hey Dax, differnt Strokes for different folks! I personally think that if you can pull start it, it makes it easier for several different reasons especially tuning.

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