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Default Re: You guys are nice, I'm not..

Originally Posted by webeneo1 View Post
When I take on a hobby I deeply research it.

Like this one. I read huge amounts of posts on this site. Searched for any posts that I thought may be able to answer any questions I might have, also did the same on another similar forum.

I figured out who the suppliers and manufactures are. Go on there sites and research them also.

I'm sure I have made a few thousand Goggle searches.
So did I. And I am a little bit disappointed that most people don't want to know as much as possible. "'s enough to know where the fuel comes in. When there are any problems I can ask the forum." That is one extreme. The other extreme are the people who want to know the finest details. And there is the mass which is somewhere between them.

In my forum I am a kind of living encyclopedia about 20 years engine and bike history, each ever build in part, each screw. It is common forum praxis that people ask the same things. When there are old threads, we put the link. But often old links aren't up to date. New facts have been found in the meantime so that the old links sometimes are overtaken and not helpful.
I do not answer every question there. It is a forum and the members are glad when they can help. If someone is tired, another answers. If nobody can answer it is my part to try it and do my best.
The climate is important, how people treat each other. In my forum we are not as polite as it is here, but just as good. You notice when people come back and stay.


PS: My motto using a forum.
Language is freeware. You are allowed to use it for free. But it is not opensource. You must not distort or bend it depending on your pleasure.
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