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Default Re: You guys are nice, I'm not..

i've been here for a few years now, and spent a lot of time answering the most basic questions over and over and over. i've even dedicated whole threads to some of the most common "problems" people have, and some of those threads are stickies, and if you take 39 seconds to look, you can find them.

it used to frustrate me all the time when someone just wants an easy answer, and when you give them the truth, they've already made up their mind and don't listen to me anyway.

my least favorite is the "which cheap piece of junk bike from the grocery store is better?" question.

everytime i get involved in those threads, it just gets ugly.

people don't like being told that an $89 dollar bicycle isn't exactly the ideal candidate for a 40mph mini-motorcycle.

i love it when those same people come back with "why did my frame crack?" or "help! broken spokes!" and they think there's some kind of magic fix or bizarre reason why their toy bike didn't withstand the abuse a motor puts it through.

then there's the bad advice from "elite members." just because they post a lot and built a few questionably sound bikes, doesn't mean they know why your bike quit running ("it's a bad magneto..." " need a triple electrode platinum plug gapped at .0262..." "...drill holes in your piston to let the backpressure ignite the un-spent exhaust gasses built up in the combu..."

or, " well, on my dad's stihl chainsaw, if i hold it on too much of a left angle, it stalls out, so that's the reason your honda generator won't charge your electric bike..."

you get the idea.

this forum is an invaluable tool for the beginner and the seasoned builder alike. i know some people who check it out many times a day, and never post, and there's others who use it like facebook ("went to the store today to buy shoelaces...")

sometimes i'm nice, sometimes i'm not, sometimes i just don't care if you wanna put di$c brake$ on a ˘heap ˘ruiser...
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