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Default Re: Yep... Another Felt Build!

Originally Posted by scotto- View Post
Welcome to the forum.......I love the Felt builds I'm assuming you epoxied the bung to the tank rather than welding? Keep the pics coming, looks great so far!

Actually, that was something I am a little worried about...

I used JB Weld to put on the gas cap bung, but I am worried about the fuel petcock area.

I followed the video that Ken at KW Machineworks posted on YouTube, and he just drilled, and tapped the hole for the fuel valve, but it looked like there was less than 3/16" of material for the valve to screw into. It is snugly in there, and it passed the 48 hour leak down with flying colors, but I just worry it will come loose and/or strip out the threads.

Any suggestions to beef up the area? Anything you got will be much appreciated.

P.S. Scotto- I am a huge fan of your "Slant" build. That thing is nuts!!!!
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