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Default Re: Ethanol Conditioners?

I used to use stabilizer when someone first told me about the harmful effects that ethanol can have on engines. I used it maybe a couple of times, but i stopped worrying about it after awhile. my current engine is over a year old, and there arent any obvious signs of damage. it starts the same and runs the same as the day it was broken in. the kind of damage ethanol might cause would be likely to be the kind you wont ever notice, such as pitting in the carburetor, hardening of the fuel line, and other small changes that take a number of years to progress. its not going to blow up your engine any time soon, and at 10 to 15 percent, gasohol actually burns a few degrees cooler than regular gas. as long as your gas isnt sitting in your tank unused for a month or two, its not going to do any serious damage.
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