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Default Re: Trying to start building

Just thought I would update on my motorbike project. As of four days ago I got the whole thing together enough for a preliminary test ride. It started up first try!
I have been breaking it in slowly ever since and with some little tweaks here and there, as of yesterday I am running it smooth with no issues.

Don't get me wrong, I had plenty of troubleshooting and issues along the way before that first start up was attempted. This forum was indispensable for that and I know it would have definitely taken a lot longer without the forum, if I could even do it at all, I am not so sure.

When I have a little more time I will try to find the best places here on the forum to post my pics and improvements I am planning on doing. I will also try to do an entry somewhere about what worked and didn't work in my process. I am very happy with my present result as it is solid and smooth (even with my 32 spoke wheel with rag joint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Even with cheap chinese plug it came with (and it is definitely one of the weakest sparks I have ever seen on a plug that still had any kind of spark to it!)

I have the NGK equivalent replacements so I still have that power to look forward to when I swap those in and move to a higher gas mix ratio when I ease out of my break in. I have mix for 2 gallons that I plan to go through before I increase that ratio.

Thanks again and I look forward to hopefully giving back to this forum more than I have taken. I am hooked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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