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Default Re: Clear coating raw steel on the cheap?

Originally Posted by moonerdizzle View Post
paint stripper and a stiff nylon bristled brush works best. It leaves behind unblemished metal when its done.
Nylon, interesting! I stripped the paint with stripper followed by a brass wire wheel and I have been polishing with a medium buffing wheel on my drill and "regular" rouge, followed by a soft buffing wheel and high gloss rouge. Then a final cleanup with metal polish and microfiber cloths by hand.

I also treated the rust spots with naval jelly, but it did not do much since I had already wire wheeled most of the rust away. There are some dark pits left, but I was not too agressive about completely eliminating them since I did not want to take too much of the frame material with it.

I really like the shine and finish this process brought out, but my issue is that it is not consistent on different parts of the bike. I think I can even it out eventually, just with many more hours of work.

If a nylon wheel will help get a more consistent finish, I am definitely up for giving it a shot!
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