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Default Re: You guys are nice, I'm not..

I was rude in my replies to one of those forum mass writers, webeneo1. I was politely told by one of the moderators to be nicer, and just use the Private message. I then did PM that person, and they are much much better about their postings.

Also, I did a look at my postings. I looked at me (when I was a NOOB), and read my first 5 threads. If I didn't know it was me, I'd have been rude to myself now.

So, I've learned to be more patient with new guys asking the same question that has been asked a million times before. Because NOO-BEE Donphantasmo did the same thing too, lol. Honestly, I don't remember doing it. Just like when you were a teen, and did stupid things. The difference is on a forum, you can go back and look at your old posts. Makes you wish you didn't do a lot of things you did, or talk (post) things you didn't mean to, huh?

But, we have great moderators that are patient, and don't tell you what to do, rather the guide you towards the right thing to do. That really helps, in a very polite way.

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