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Default Re: You guys are nice, I'm not..

I also seem to be a bit of a research junkie, I sometimes wonder if I spend more time searching than I do building lol... however, bear in mind that not all are as familiar with internet research, forum protocols or even computers in general as we may be and we do try to keep this forum a welcoming, friendly place for all - regardless of their relative experience;
Originally Posted by the rules
2. Use the search function for topic you are looking for and add to that thread. If nothing is found, then start a new thread.

3. If someone has a question answer it with a link if already covered. A response of "use the search" is not needed. Most likely the person couldn't find it. Its all about helping each other.
These two rules are not only pretty simple, I think it's pretty obvious by now they're only loosely enforced. It's actually really basic forum etiquette to search for whatever questions/answers you may have before starting a new thread - we've thousands of members who've gone out of their way to provide as comprehensive a breakdown of even the simplest of problems, even creating extensive tutorials complete with pictures and sometimes even videos. You're only doing yourself a disservice by not looking for them first.

We completely understand that not all are familiar with forum use, we know that search engines can be problematic - even yielding too much information to be useful. We don't mind if you feel it necessary to start a new thread... but know that you'll most likely get far better answers a LOT faster if you simply look for them first. In fact people make it more difficult for others to search for stuff if there's a hundred threads asking what their oil mix should be, remember you can always "bump" an old thread with a relevant question - by doing this you're helping that thread be more useful instead of just burying it with more of the same.

That holds true of looking for a thread to link to in order to answer such a question - not only will it provide far more than you probably feel like typing, it keeps the well written, more comprehensive and informative threads alive - encouraging others to go through the fuss and bother of writing such helpful tutorials. It feels like a "thank you" each time a thread like that is linked.
We'd far rather deal with some duplicate threads & redundancy than chase off some unfortunate new member with rudeness & hostility, as such we tend to enforce #3 far more than #2... but the one we take very, very seriously is ofc rule #1: "treat all members with respect"

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