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Default You guys are nice, I'm not..

When I take on a hobby I deeply research it.

Like this one. I read huge amounts of posts on this site. Searched for any posts that I thought may be able to answer any questions I might have, also did the same on another similar forum.

I figured out who the suppliers and manufactures are. Go on there sites and research them also.

I'm sure I have made a few thousand Goggle searches.

I have put a lot of time figuring out what the heck is going on with MB's.

I personally get more than a bit offended when someone who is just LAZY posts a questing that can easily be answered with with a very small amount of effort on there own part.

There are members here who it seems endlessly post these kind of LAZY questions.

Hooray for those of you who will spoon feed the LAZY. You are truly NICE guys.

Ahhh, I feel a bit better now.
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