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Default Re: Paint over chrome?

The paint on the blue gliittered 50 cc motor is blue anno I've run it now 2 1/2 years with no flaking or issues of any kind- It looks darker than annodized aluminum because I put it over the natural dull silver color- now that I've done it, yes, I'd recommend a coat of metallic chrome paint first- some is more "chromey" than others- the best I've found is Red Devil at Big Lots. Krylon at Wal-Mart is not as shiney- none of it is actually as shiney as real chrome, but it's closer than regular silver.

The 66 light blue motor is my 66- 3 1/2 years since first photos in Spring '09 with no heat issues or flaking- (Not so on the muffler- there, the paint DOES burn off) That paint was a can of Duplicolor I already had.

It's the same bike and motor later- all painted chrome silver, since last Fall. The chrome paint- painted over the light blue (with Pegusus, the winged Mobile horse), is also holdiing up well. I've had no problem with the paint on the motors- even the cylinder "jug".

But yes- anno paint works best over real chrome, second best over Chrome paint. I clearcoat it all after that.

"Theres no paint like chrome, there's no paint like chrome....."

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