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Unhappy Re: $1,000 motorized bikes

Originally Posted by maurtis View Post
Started with a $25 Huffy Cranbrook from Craigslist and spent around $800 for:

- BGF RB80
- Beehive springer front end
- New front and rear 12 gauge spoked wheels
- Pirate Cycles rear hub adapter and 36 tooth sprocket
- Kip Harley layback seat post
- Puch 70cc high compression head
- Jaguar CDI
- Speed Demon exhaust
- SBP head and exhaust gaskets, petcock, NGK B6HS plug, stud kit, bolt kit, HD air filter, fuel filter
- Crowe center stand
- Skipu spring loaded chain tensioner
- Sturmey Archer 90mm front drum brake (still in the box, not installed yet)

That setup provided a nice ride with good torque and was pretty comfortable up to about 35. Fastest run was at 39.4 MPH on a flat stretch, but she was screaming in pain, lol.

So basically what I had left stock was the frame, seat, crank, handlebars and neck.

Two weeks ago, after about 300 miles on the motor, I found hairline cracks in the frame at the left seatpost/cantilever weld and where the top tube and headtube meet.

So had I chosen a $200 frame I would be right at the $1,000 mark with a well running bike.
Yet another sad Cranbroke story......good for the Huffy toss!

Sorry to hear this, but it just reinforces the importance of a good foundation to build on, ie. a better quality frame.

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