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Default Re: Felt 1903 Fat Tire Ale 2011 Where do I buy offset motor mounts

Originally Posted by 427blueyenko View Post
yes looks like i will be calling KW for some motor mounts for my felt 1903 . thanks guys for your hel with this .I figure since my car wont be done before my daughter is born this september maybe i could finish my bike ?

Just be sure to measure how far apart the motors mounting bolt holes are, so you can tell Ken. There are a few different sizes (I think it is the front that differs in size, but i could be wrong, so measure both!).

My most recent build had the holes 2" apart, measured from the center of one hole (or mounting stud) to the center of the other hole (or mounting stud).

Ken is awesome, just have the information ready to make it easy on him!
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