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Default Re: PLASTI DIP Experiment On FD Roller...Failure

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Beach, I'm not in any way trying to be judgmental but I'm curious about your motive for this experiment.

What was the reason for it? Were you having slipping problems or trying to increase roller diameter? My experience with friction drive is limited but from what I know and working with Dax, the roller needs to be darn tight against the tire to reduce the slipping. I've ridden Duane's bikes on wet streets and experienced no noticable slip. Having the roller tight does not seem to increase tire wear, in fact it reduces it because of the less slippage.

I now believe the problem has to do with the size of the engine. I purchased the XC-35 for my wife which is only 1.5 hp. and I'm pushing 220 lbs. of spuds around I went ahead and installed it on one of my other bikes to test it out and I found that I was actually doing more pedaling than than relaxing lol. On a perfectly flat road I'd only get up to 10 t0 12 miles an hr tops and that was with me pedaling/having the roller overly snug too. I plan on purchasing a Super Titan from Dax for my bike.

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