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Default Re: New to this forum and to motor bicycles

Hey, Caasix.

To add to what Dan said, people here are pretty nice. You won't get blasted, but your post will just not be answered. If you have any question, just make sure you search first. Use key words, and you'll probably find the answer.

As for fuel savings, you'll be pretty happy to know that other then just riding a unassisted bicycle, this is as fuel sipping as you'll get. This is even more fuel efficient then a scooter (yep, it's true).

If I can give you some advice.

First off.. These bike are really for fun. I don't like my bike for any other reason but to just ride it. I like to build things, and then ride them. This is the easiest and cheapest way. DO NOT, though, think this is a motorcycle. 30 MPH on this feels like 100 on my R1. So be careful. If you put a motor on the bike, you better have very good brakes on that bike. With that being said, don't go killing yourself to see if you can get 40 MPH.

Also, they do break down. Don't be pissed if it does. So, to go around thinking this is the most reliable means of transportation is rediculous. These are pretty much the simplest engines on the market. Two stroke, and go. But, things go wrong every now and again. So, don't be upset when it does. But, if it does, it just turns into a bicycle. So, you can still get there.

Just know what you're getting into. It is very very fun. I love it. I have fun every time I ride. Just don't go braking land speed records.
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