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Default Re: Paint over chrome?

no black will not make it overheat. chrome is actually worse than black.
Black dissipates heat while chrome just holds heat in and it keeps getting hotter because it's like a mirror.
seriously, go set a peice of something chrome in the sun and a peice of the same material painted black in the sun.
let them sit for awhile to get nice & hot.
touch the chrome peice, but be careful (or use an infrared thermometer) and then touch the black peice.
you'll find that the chrome peice will be A LOT hotter than the black peice.

the problem you may have is that paint doesn't like to stick to chrome and it will start to peel off eventually.
to do it right, you'd have to get all of the chrome off before you paint it.
now, if this is actual chrome (and not chrome paint) you would have to sand blast it to get the chrome off.
if it's chrome paint, you can just rough it up with sandpaper & then spray the black over it. make sure to get ALL of the oil off of the surfaces or paint will not stick.
if this is a brand new engine, wipe it down with an oil, wax and grease remover (laquer thinnner can be used).
these engines are shipped with a coating of machine oil on them and you need to get it all off or the paint will not stick.
you won't need primer because once the engine gets hot the paint will bake onto the surface.
make sure that you use a high temp engine enamel paint made for engines because regular paint will just burn off.

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