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Default Re: Clear coating raw steel on the cheap?

Originally Posted by leaded50 View Post
The durability of a paint clear coat want be good, only for a time, perhaps a year out in rain & sun. Clears without color pigment, dissolves fast whatever brand or type. Tested & true. Chemist says something about no reflection of rays from the top, but also from inner part of substance. And as mentioned, all failures show!!!
My girl is a garage queen, so only spends time outside when I ride. And I know this will not be a very durable finish, so if I can get a year before she looks jaundiced or rusts over again, I will be happy! And if it does not work out, I can always strip the clear and use actual paint...

Once I get finished with the rust spots, she will have a good number of pits on her surface. I figure it adds to her character, she has history! Or it might look like poo, we shall see

Here she is after two coats of Citristrip pain stripper and a couple hours with a wire wheel on my drill. I really, really need an air compressor...

For reference, this is what I started with, she had a layer of green paint over the stock yellow:

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